3 Test Taking Strategies

I wanted to give you three effective test taking strategies that have helped me immensely. They are incredible. They are so simple to do and simple to implement.

I hope that they help you and that you use them on your next test.  

1st Test Taking Strategy: Deep Breath In!

The first one, is that you take a big breath. Obviously, you are going to be a little nervous for any test. everyone has felt that and this will just help you to relax.

You need to relax your nerves. So take a big breath in and a deep breath out through your mouth, just like that, okay? Clear your mind, clear your thinking. This way, when you get to the test, your mind will be ready for it.

2nd Strategy: Scan Through Every Question and Note Important Words & Phrases


Once you get to the text, sat down and ready to take it, don't answer the questions yet. Scan though the test first. Look through it.

Just get an idea for what's ahead, and then also scan through the questions and know any important words, note the most important questions, important words and phrases might be like:

  • "all of the following except"
  • "which of the following"
  • "true or false" etc..

You are looking for what the question is asking. It will also get your mind familiar with the text and ready for those questions.  

3rd Strategy: First Answer the Questions That Come Easily

Lastly, answer those questions that come to you easier first. Answer the ones that come easiest. This way you are kinda building confidence and momentum. You are getting your mind used to answering these questions so that when you get to the most difficult questions, you will be ready to answer them.

This also helps to avoid getting stuck, because if you get stuck, you can lose your concentration, waste time and you won't stay in the flow of following.  

So again, the three testing strategies are: 

  1. Take a big breath in to relax. 
  2. Scan all the test questions first  
  3. Answer those questions that come easiest to you first.

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