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Welcome to College Student Answers! This entire website has been built for beginning and returning college students by a student. I know that college comes with a lot of questions.

I have had a lot of dealings across a number of college topics. I am passing on what I know to you so that you can get the highest level of education and have all the success you want in college!

Now, I'm not saying that I know everything (although, sometimes I think I do). But, I have had a lot of experience and know that there is a good, a better, and a best way of doing things, especially in college.

College Wisdom For You

While I worked at the Registrar's office at my school on work study (a type of financial aid), I heard questions all day from students.

After a while, I noticed that many students had the same questions!

So, I was answering these same 10 to 20 questions everyday. Of course, we helped many, many students each day. So, we heard tons of questions.

I found that I had quickly acquired a vast wealth of college knowledge, such as:

Invaluable Information For Every College Student


You and I both know how valuable time can be as a college student. This is especially true for me since I have a wife and two children! If you're like me, you need correct information quickly.

That's why you need quick and correct answers to your college questions.

If you don't have questions yet, consider yourself lucky. They will come. Depending on your situation, you may have different problems and different questions that arise.

You will likely find the solution here!

(A quick way to find answers to your college questions is by using the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Try it now!)

No matter what your reason for going to college, or the different challenges you face, you want to get it right!

The information that you'll find on this site will give you the knowledge you need in a way that will help you make the right decision!

One Student to Another... 

From transcripts to federal grants and study skills, to student jobs and help with registration, this website is created by a student for college students to help them find answers to whatever college related question they may have.

The Key to College Success


As college students, we can only make good decisions if we have the correct information.

Whether you're a freshman, returning after several years, or a senior who's almost done, this website is dedicated to providing you with the most helpful information.

I am here to help you get you the answers you need as a student, quickly, to make your life right now just a little bit easier!

And we all could use that.

Now then, start by introducing yourself below and sharing your college thoughts, questions, and thoughts!

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