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My name is Matt Smith. I am a college student and have been for several years... You might say that I am taking the long route to getting my bachelors!


I started as a single college student, wanting to major in accounting. Since then, I have transferred schools once, changed majors three times, got married, left school to work as a retail manager, came back to school, and had a child!

It has been a ride to say the least!

I worked as a registration aid in the registrar's office at my school. This is where I learned A LOT about the registration process and the other connected departments.

I learned that there are a lot of resources for students provided by the school that would be super helpful to any student if they only knew how to find them!

I also answered many questions, both over the phone and in person, from hundreds of students over several months. Some were more difficult than others, but it was a great experience to learn and grow my understanding of the university system.

This, along with my personal experience as a college student, inspired me to create this website. I do not have all the answers by any means (I don't know anyone who has all the college answers).

But I use my unique experience in college to help answer many of the common questions that college students have.

This website has evolved over a period of months using an easy to use website builder called Solo Build It! I haven't had any experience making a website before this. But, with the tools available to me, I have been able to share my knowledge.

I am in my senior year of college for a Bachelor's Degree in accounting. I am planning on going to graduate school to get my Master's Degree in accounting.

If you have a specific question that hasn't been answered yet, just ask here. I will do my best to answer it in 48 hours or less!

Look forward to hearing from you soon and here's to success in college!

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