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The Best College Student Laptops Critera

Today I wanted to give you some criteria and recommendations for the best college student laptops.

Now, the first criteria is that it has to be easy to use.

It HAS to be easy to use! It has to be simple to use, user friendly, good user interface, something that you can find the things you need to find and do the things you need to do without scratching your head.

Both Mac and Windows are like this. I love both of them. They are so easy to use; simple to use. So that's good there for Macs and PC's.

Number two, it has to be reliable.

It has to do what you need it to do when you need it to do it. It can't always be in need of repair and having problems and things like that. I think that Macs win this one. I think they are more reliable. They hold their value longer, I think that they have less problems overall.

I have a MacBook myself. It has been a fantastic value. I've only had it updated once in nearly six years. That's an incredible value and it's never been in the repair shop.

Number three, it has to be affordable.

I think PC's win out on this once, definitely. You need something that won't break the bank. You don't want something that's cheap but you don't want to over extend yourself either. I do think that PC's are more affordable in this way, as far as price is concerned.

However, I would recommend, and this is my recommendation, a Mac(affiliate link) whenever you can get one. They just hold their value longer and I think for college students, Macs are the best college student laptop. That's just my opinion.

From what I've used, I love my MacBook. It's been incredibly helpful and useful. Easy to use, never had any problems wit it.I got mine at a really good price.

So, maybe you'll have to look around for a deal or a sale, which isn't hard with the internet (affiliate link), with things like eBay and things like that you can usually find one for a pretty good price. Check your local classified listings as well.

However, if you just want a new PC and you are familiar with new PCs I would recommend HP or Acer (affiliate links, again!). Both are very good brands. Or if you have a brand that you like already, go with that one, but find one that's a good deal. You can usually get a really good PC for a very, very good price.

Again, just to review, the best college laptops are:

1. easy to use,

2. reliable, and

3. they are affordable.

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