The Best Ways to Save Money in College


I want to bring you another video about how to save money in college. Now we've all heard the adage, "Poor college student." And we've all been there.

If you've been in college for any amount of days, months or years, you know how true that can be. So I hope that these tips help you save money in college.

They have worked for me and I hope you at least try them out so you can see what they do for you.

Number 1- Know your monthly budget before the month starts. This is powerful. It may be a very detailed budget or it may just be an amount of money and you know, "Okay, I can't spend more than this."

Either way, know your budget. Know how much you have coming in and how much you will need to cover your expenses.

Number 2- Stick to a list when you go grocery shopping, and don't go grocery shopping when you are hungry, I might add. This way you only get those items you came for.

Sometimes I found myself when I go to the grocery store saying, "that looks good, that looks good, " but when you go with a list, you know what you need and what you want to get and it will keep you from overspending on your weekly grocery budget.

Also, as you go grocery shopping, many stores are coming out with store brands to compete with the name brand items. Sometimes these are not as good, but sometimes they are! Especially with medicines.

So if you find a store brand or an off brand of an item you need, honestly, this will save you a lot of money if you just buy the off brand and it oftentimes be just as good.

Number 3- Use the campus free resources. Because you are a college student, you have access to a lot of free resources. These include internet access, computer access, a gym, career counseling, and also, a health center.

At my school, they have health center with a medical doctor and a physicians assistant at it all the time. And it's free for students. All I have to have is my student ID and they will make an appointment for me. I've used it several times. They even give free flue shots away.

My school even has a relaxation center. A place to go relax and de-stress. Which is very helpful to college students. So make sure you know what free resources are available for you.

Number 4- And this may not seem very glamorous, but shop at thrift stores. Have you ever shopped at a thrift store before? It amazes me how gently used these items are how good these items are.

I remember buying a $40 dollar pair of levies for 8 bucks. You have to try them on there and make sure they fit, but they were in great shape. You just take them home and wash them once and they are ready to use.

This works great for pants, shoes, even furniture. They have furniture at thrift stores that are gently used too. Shop and see what you can find. I've found many things I've been able to use.

To review, number 1, make a budget. Number 2, make a grocery list ahead of time. Number 3, find out what free services you can use. And number 4, shop at thrift store. Hope this is useful to you and have a good day!

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