4 Great Places to Buy Textbooks


In today's video I wanted to talk to you about buying textbooks and where you can get the best deal for textbooks. We know that textbooks are an enormous part of the cost of college. They really are and they are going up every semester, so it's not going to get any better.

So, knowing where to buy them and how to buy them is crucial. Very important.

The 4 Places to Buy Textbooks

I'm going to cover 4 places that I've bought textbooks before and then share with you my favorites.

First is the book store on campus. The great thing about the book store is that you can buy the exact textbook you need and be done with it. You can buy it new, sometimes used and be done with it. You have the exact textbook that the professor requires.

The problem with the bookstore is that it is usually the highest price. It's pretty expensive. Although some of them are becoming more competitive in their pricing, it's still usually is more expensive than other sources.

The second place is competing bookstores around the college. These are bookstores that are competing with the college campus bookstore and they have the same textbooks, they have better prices and sometimes they even have used editions which are even a better price.

The only thing about these competing bookstores is that they may not have the most current edition of the textbook, which you will have to judge yourself if that's important. Lets be honest most textbooks don't change that much from one edition to the next. So, just be cautious if you are shopping one of these store that you are getting the correct textbook and that it will work for you class.

The third place is from other students from within your course of study. People who have already taken the classes you need to take and they don't need those textbooks anymore so they are trying to sell them. You can buy these at a good price, you just need to look for them.

Perhaps you know and have made friends with other students within your course of study. More than likely they have taken classes that you need to take or that you are going to take eventually. They may have the textbooks to those classes still, and you can buy them from them.

Or you can look around your school and occasionally students will post up "Hey, i've got these textbooks and I''ll sell them for this price." This maybe for one reason or another, they've changed their major or don't need them or want them so they are selling them. Make sure that it is the correct book and that it'll work for your class.

The fourth place to buy textbooks is online (Yes, that's My Affiliate Link to Valorebooks.com). You can go and search tons of different stores all at once. You can find the best price. You can find the best quality for the price. And you might have to have it shipped to you, but that's okay.

It just takes some extra planning and the extra shipping costs are not going to exceed what your campus bookstore is going to charge you for your textbooks so you are still coming out on top cost wise. You just need to plan it a little bit better so that it will get here by the time your classes start.

This is my preferred way of buying and renting textbooks because it's so easy. You just go online and I'll include a link (my affiliate link again!) to one of my favorite websites to do this below, but it's such an easy way to find low cost textbooks and get them to you and not have them hanging by a thread.

They are good quality, they are a good price, and they may be just what you need for that course. Really, it can save you a lot of cost and a lot of time. That's why it's my favorite way of buying textbooks.

4 Places to Buy Textbooks Summary

Again, you can buy textbooks where ever you like. I prefer online, but I hope that over-viewing each of these places to buy textbooks will help you to save money on them in the future.

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