The Campus Bookstore: 4 Reasons You Should Consider Shopping There!


Today I wanted to talk to you about 4 appealing reasons to shop more at your campus bookstore.

The first one is that campus bookstores are getting more and more competitive and by nature and by reason of there are more business offering the same services. There are more businesses particularly who are being competitive on textbooks. So, they are getting more competitive on price, on selection, on ways to use those textbooks.

My book store actually uses renting now- they allows you to rent textbooks. It is only specific ones, but some textbooks they allow you to rent. Plus, they allow easy access. You can go to the bookstore, get the book you need and go home. You are don with it.

Number 2, the textbooks bought at the books store is tax free. That is awesome. They're tax free. You don't have to pay taxes on that.

Number 3, you can get the right stuff when you need it. What I mean by this is that you get the right textbooks every time, you get the right supplies every time, because they are supplying to their students so they know specifically what each class needs and they supply it right there.

Lastly, Number 4, is because they do comparison shopping. Something that I noticed on my campus' bookstore website is they are doing comparison textbook shopping, which means, they are comparing their prices right on their website with other textbook sellers. Big textbook sellers too, like amazon,, places like this. They are comparing those right for you in real time.

You just do the search with your ISBN number and it will bring up the campus bookstores price as well as all of these other major textbook seller's prices so you can see, "Hey, my campus bookstore actually has a pretty good price on that text book." Or you can even click on one of those other sellers and go and buy a textbook from them. Awesome resource.

The four reasons that you should shop more at the campus bookstore:

1- More competitive.

2- Textbooks Tax Free

3- Always get the right Stuff You Need

4- Doing the comparison shopping for you.

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