Class Lectures: How to Get More


In today's video I wanted to give you a few ideas, some advice and tips that will help make sitting through your lectures more valuable to you.

Because that's a very important time that can help you understand the topic even better.

There are three things I want to cover with you.

First, reading the textbook chapter ahead of time, second, taking taking good notes during the lecture, and three, showing up on time.

The first one, reading the chapter before hand is a very important part of doing well and understand the topic. You know if you don't have time to read the entire chapter, at least you can go though the chapter and look at the heading and subtitles, and key words.

Usually, they are listed in bold or color. These will help you at least get an idea about what the chapter is going to be about.

If you read the chapter, it will help you form questions in your mind that you need answers to so when you go to the lecture, you can look for those answers and if they aren't answers in the lecture, you can ask the professor during of after class.

The second is taking good notes during the lectures. You need to take good notes. Don't try and write down everything the professor says because that's not going to happen, plus it's not necessary.

You just wan tot get the most important points and the things that are going to help you understand the subject matter. You also wan to make sure you understand what's going to be on the test.

Usually the professor's say "You are going to want to know this for the next exam or the next quiz or for your homework assignment."

I usually put a big star next to those items so when I am reviewing my notes I can say, "Okay, that is something I need to know for the exam. " Just something to keep in mind.

The last is showing up on time. The reason I'm talking about this is because at the beginning of the class, the professor will usually announce upcoming assignments, upcoming quizzes, upcoming exams, test, things like that.

You want to be there for the beginning of class so that you catch these very important announcement. They will also announce if a specific day they won't be there, or class won't be held.

You definitely want to be there for those.

You want to be on time for class, that way you aren't missing any announcements and you are up to speed on the lecture. You aren't behind. This is especially true if the professor is using a powerpoint presentation because you might miss some slides if you are late.

To review, to get more out of your class lectures, read the chapter ahead of time, the assigned chapter, take good class notes, during the lecture and three, show up on time for the lecture. I hope that these have helped you and I hope you can use them to get more out of you class lectures.

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