4 College Registration Problems and How to Overcome Them


Today I wanted to talk to you about some common registration problems that I would see at the registration office when I worked there on my school's campus. Now if you haven't faced these problems before, don't worry, you will most likely face them.

Don't freak out, it just happens when you are going along and get registered for 2 or 3 classes and then you run into this thing called a prerequisite. What am I suppose to do with that?

Prerequisite College Registration Errors

That is the the first one I want to talk about. Prerequisite errors are just classes that need to be taken previously to the class you are trying to register for. So it's a pre-required class to the class you are trying to register for.

That is usually because the things you are trying to learn in the first class are going to feed into the next class. If you can't get into the class that you need to, go and talk to the department and see if you can get an override.

However, if it's a class you need for your major, you better take it anyway because you are going to need to know that stuff. So do those things if you have prerequisite problems.

The Class is Full

2), registration problem, is that the class is full. Every class has a capacity. Once it reaches a certain capacity then the registration system doesn't allow anymore students to register for the class. Now you can be put on a waiting list if you want.

Or you can go talk to the professor directly, and sometimes he or she will let you in. Sometimes they will let in one or two students above the class capacity, but they reach capacity for two reasons.

One, so that all the students in the class get the proper education and learning, and two, so that the professor isn't overwhelmed.

So if the class is full, the best chance is to go and ask the professor if they will let you attend the class.

Academic Probation

3) You go along and you are registering and you have this error pop up, that says "You are on academic probation or suspension." This is due to poor grades and poor academic progress.

In most cases, you'll have to go to the registration office to find out the specific reason why and you are going to have to go there anyway to talk to the registrar about how to get out of academic probation or suspension. This is okay. Don't worry about this.

The school is just trying to protect itself and make sure that the grades of the school stay on the up side. They don't want those dipping down below a certain level, so they place certain students on academic probation who just aren't progressing.

So when you go and meet with the registrar, see what you need to do to get progressing again and then you can get registering for classes.

Major Only Courses

Number 4 are major courses only. So you have to be actually declared the major to get into those classes. You know, these aren't super difficult.

They are usually barred by the department or by a prerequisite so you have to go through a specific path to get into this course that you need.

Obviously you won't run into this problem unless you are doing a minor in it because of one reason or another and haven't declared it yet, or you are in the major and you haven't declared it yet. It won't let you in to the class.

Easy fix is to go and talk to the department and one, talk to the department or two, get the override. Easy.

Common registration problems I have seen are one, prerequisite problems, two, class is full, Number 3, academic probation and number 4 is major classes only.

I hope that these have given you a good overview and coming up I will explain to you some more solutions to get into these classes.

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