8 College Student Discounts & How To Get Them Starting Today


Today, I want to talk to you about college student discounts. These are awesome. The only group, I think, who gets more discounts than we do are senior (citizens).

I don't think we're ever going to win that one.

But, we can get good student discounts because of being college students.

What Discounts Are Available?

So, what can you get a college student discount on?

The first should be obvious to you - auto insurance. There's a good grades discount. You'll have to check with your insurance provider, of course, because all insurance providers are different. But, find out!

You can get discounts at:

- restaurants
- computer software
- public transportation (which is a fantastic thing as well).

You might find out at your university information desk to see if they have any passes for public transportation.

Just the fact that you're an active college student, a current college student, you can get a free public transportation pass, and not have to pay for it at all.

- Movie theaters
- Gyms
- Credit Cards
- Airfare

These all provide student discounts.

Now, these are not all of them. I have listed more at my website that you can go and find out more there. But, it is a good list. That's a lot of stuff!

Where to Find Student Discounts

Now, where do you look for these discounts?

The first place that I would look is on campus. As you're going around (especially around the student union building) look at the bulletin boards. Look anywhere, like on the information desk.

They might have student discounts that businesses have just dropped off.

Or on the bulletin boards, sometimes businesses will come in and post deals for college students.

The next place that I would look is at the bookstore. Companies that create coupon books will sometimes leave them at the bookstore or hand them out at the bookstore or hand them out around campus.

The next place that I would look is around the campus because the immediate surroundings around the campus are going to have businesses that are obviously having college students as some of their customers.

So, they're going to cater to college students. They're going to offer discounts to bring them in.

So, check with businesses around (the campus).

Lastly, I would look on the internet. I would plug into any search engine "college student discounts [name of your city where you're living]" and see what comes up.

How to You Get These Discounts?

Now, how do you get these college student discounts?

The first thing that you need is your student ID. Remember that thing you got on your very first day of school at the orientation day? You need your student ID. This is going to prove that you are a current college student.

And, this is how you prove it!

Second, you just need to ASK for them. They may not even advertise that they have a student discount. Sometimes they won't. But, if you'll ASK, then you'll GET. And if you don't ask, you'll never get. So, you might as well ask.

Even if they say "Oh no, we don't do student discounts", then you're not out anything. You didn't lost anything, so just ask!

To review, college student discounts:

- You can get a college student discounts on many things
- You can find them around campus and around town
- If you won't ask, then you won't get.

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