Having College Student Stress?

Experiencing some college student stress? If not, then just wait.

There are many ways to experience stress in college. From homework to friendships; from grades to your part-time job, the stress of it all can get to anyone!

Just remember:

BREATH & RELAX! You'll get through it.

A Few Ideas for Overcoming College Student Stress

Something that I do everyday to help me deal with all the stresses that I feel as a college student (having a part-time job, a family, and my classes to deal with can be hectic at times) is having some quiet time, usually in the morning, to think.

I like to read something spiritual or something to help me focus on what matters most in life. This is something different for everyone, but it might be a religious book, a goals book, a journal, letters from home, or something else personally meaningful.

This is so you can take some time away from the distractions of the world to just relax, breath, and sort out the things happening in life! You'll be amazed at the results that come.

Hobbies Can Help With Stress

If meditating isn't your thing, use one of your hobbies to help you destress. College student stress can and will effect your thinking and drain energy levels.

If you have a hobby (like reading, a musical instrument, or personal writing), taking some time to further it can be very helpful to clearing your mind and helping you sort out problems.

Keep in mind that, if you use a hobby to unwind from college student stress, you need to make sure that it doesn't become another distraction. Spending too much time on your hobby (thus taking away from regular study time) can add more stress to your life!

Good Time Management Will Help Immensely!

Having the ability to prioritize, plan, and carry out your plans will help you manage the stressful load of being a college student.

When you get the class syllabus for the semester, make a plan to complete the assignments in the order they are due. Make your own due date for the bigger assignments like projects and papers. Plan study time for each class.

Planning ought to be done weekly (like on Sunday evening).

As you plan, you'll be able to break down bigger assignments into smaller, more manageable pieces. This will help reduce your college student stress because BIG assignments become somthing you work on daily and weekly instead of the night before they're due!

This will inevitably create better work on your projects, papers, and tests. Your retention of the material will be better. You will score higher and get better grades. All of this will reduce your stress level even more!

Remember this... While having a schedule is good and helpful, be flexible during the week as things will not always go the way you plan.

Be able to laugh and be flexible when unplanned events come up. Just work with them and then go to the next event in your plan.

Also, remember your limits. If someone asks you to do something that might be too much for you, just say no. They can find someone else. It's okay to admit your limits.

Knowing your limits will also limit your college student stress, thus making you happier.

This goes for asking for help as well. Learn to recognize when you need help and then get it.

Each school has resources for its students to utilize. You can usually find these on your school's website or at a student information desk (check in the student union building).

Exercise Regularly

A regular exercise routine will not only help deal with college student stress, but it will help keep your body in shape. Exercising will help you clear your mind, improve your mood and improve your energy level.

The Mayo Clinic recommends 30 minutes of physical activity everyday. But, if you don't have time for 30 minutes per day, start with 15 minutes, 3 times per week.

Then, make adjustments to your schedule if you plan to exercise more!

Keep a Daily Journal

Keeping a daily journal has been shown to not only reduce stress, but also improve concentration, memory, and writing ability!

I keep a simple, daily journal online using a free service called penzu.com. It's just easier for me to use since I'm on my computer a lot.

Of course, paper journals or notebooks work just as well.

Helping Someone Else With His or Her College Student Stress

Serving someone else is a great way to help lift some of the stressful thoughts from your mind. This happens because you are helping someone else with their problems instead of worrying about your own.

Helping someone else can be as easy as:

-saying hello
-letting someone else vent to you
-helping your roommate with his or her homework
-cleaning the apartment
-something else to help someone else

These things will also help you keep a good perspective on your own problems (they might not be as bad as you think)!

Campus Services for Dealing with College Student Stress

Another resource for dealing with the stress of college is to see if your school has any stress relief resources. My campus has a stress relief center that helps students understand how to deal with stress. This is a free resource for students.

If you are dealing with a very large amount of stress and having real difficulty working through it all, check to see if your school has a student counseling and psychological services office.

This is a place with trained professionals who are there to specifically help students (check your student services building).

If there is ANY concern about suicide (you or someone else), please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Be Proactive

College can be very stressful at times. Use these tips to help you keep it all under control. It is hard to remember that this won't last forever. Just do the best you can and remember to keep your chin up!

Life is going to get better! I hope this helps you with your college student stress!

And remember... BREATH AND RELAX!

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