4 Federal Student Grants You Must Know About


Today I wanted to talk to you about federal student grants.

Now if you haven't tried to apply for federal student grants before, you need to. This is money that you won't have to pay back as long as you meet the required conditions. It's a fantastic way to help you pay for college because college is expensive and tuition rates are rising.

So, grants are a great way to be able to pay your way through college, and to help cover those costs of going to college.

The first is the Pell Grant.

This is the mot common type of grant and is based upon financial need and other factors. But, part of that financial need is figured by the expected family contribution, or EFC. It's filled out on your FAFSA.

So in order to get these grants you need to fill out your FAFSA and I'll include a link below, but make sure that you fill out your FAFSA to qualify for any of these.

I've gotten Pell Grants before in the past. They are fantastic. They are such a big help! So, if you don't apply for any other grants I talk about today, at least apply for the first one, the Pell Grant.

The Second one is the TEACH Grant.

Now, this one is for people intending to teach at schools that serve students from low income families. Now, there are a lot of requirements with this grant.

I'll include another link below because I think that you need to just go to the page that explains it to get all those requirements but again it can a grant that you can receive if you are in that situation or planning to teach in that situation. And it can help you through your schooling.

Other Federal Grants

Now lastly, I wanted to talk to you about other grants. The government at least has two other grants. One is for exceptional financial need and the other is based upon military service and I'll include links to those ones as well below.

But, I wanted to make this point. Grants are available and it's not just through the government.

You can find other institutions that will give you grants to pay for your schooling so you don't end up in tons and tons and tons of debt to get your degree. There are other ways to do it.

And I hope that this has just given you a few ideas and a few of those options that are available to you as far as Federal Student Grants.

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