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Why Mind Maps? I Need a Job!!!

Today I wanted to show you how you can use mind maps to actually help you find a job faster and one that you're looking for.

Now, the purpose for using mind maps, to help you find a job, is to generate lots of ideas. You want to let your ideas naturally flow. And you don't want to judge them or interrupt the flow of ideas as they come to you.

As you're bringing these ideas to the surface and as you're writing them down, or (as I'm doing it on the computer) as you're typing them, you want to avoid judging any idea and ruling out any idea until the end.

You want to make sure that it's absolutely not a possibility to find a job from that source. So, as I list these sources, don't judge them, just go with them. And, let your mind think. Let your mind think about this source and maybe other sources.

The idea is to create as many possible opportunities as possible because you want to find a job quickly. Or maybe your purpose is to find a job that pays better. Maybe you don't need to find a job as quickly as possible; maybe need to find a job that pays better. That's great! If you have a purpose or reason, think about that and keep that in mind until the end, and we'll talk about that.

So, if you're doing this on the computer just open up your mind mapping software. If you doing it with a pen and paper, just draw a circle in the middle and draw (write) "find a job" because that is your purpose or whatever your purpose is. "Get a job that pays better", "Get a job that has a better schedule", etc.

Start With Family, Friends, & Previous Employers

Then, you're actually going to start generating ideas. And, I would say start with friends, family, and previous employers, because, in my opinion, these are three areas of people who can actually help you find a job the fastest. We've all heard the saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know".

And that's partially true! I think that people who know can help you find a job faster than just you doing it by yourself. So, that's where you want to start. You want to start with family, friends, and previous employers.

And then as you think of ideas, these are people who, with your family, these are people who may be family friends and they are people who you know who can help you find employment.

Or maybe they own a business and they can hire you. And you want to just generate many ideas as possible. So, as you get these ideas, you are going to just let them flow out. I would say put the person's name of who you're going to contact and maybe where they work. That's up to you.

Same thing with the friends. These are people who you personally know who are your friends who can help you find a job faster and so you're going put down their names. These are people who are you can go to and ask for help finding a job or who might be able to help you find a job immediately.

Perhaps these are people who you know they have a job and they've told you the past that "Hey my place is hiring, my work is hiring", and maybe you can go to them again and see if they're hiring still, or see if they can get you a job. Again, remember it's not always what you know, but who you know, that can help you find a job.

A Note About Previous Employers

So, with previous employers, I would say anyone who you did a good job for, and who you left on good terms, I would say put down here. Even if you don't think that you would ever work there again. If you're just looking for a job, the idea here is to generate as many ideas as possible. So, put down previous employers

You may not want to put down an employer. If you really can't stand working for a person, or if you quit because of a particular issue, don't put down that employer. But, again, if you're looking to generate lots of ideas put down everything.

Now Hiring Signs, Acquaintances, & Other Sources

After you've done those three areas, I would say now go on and include anything that you have seen recently that has to do with finding a job. "Now hiring" signs and you know you may have found a couple of businesses that are just around town that have had "now hiring signs". I would put those down. Then, I would put down anything you've seen in the classified ads, and I would put down what jobs they were.

And then anything that you have seen recently that has to do with finding a job. Because you're looking for a job these are going to be in your mind.

So, just think back to the last couple weeks and where you have seen anything that has to do with hiring or anything that has to do with a job or anything that you may have heard from from acquaintances or other people that you've talked to about businesses that are hiring.

Now, as you get these ideas do not judge them! Let them just flow freely. You want to generate several ideas because the more ideas you have the higher the potential you have of finding a job. So, let the ideas just flow. Don't judge them.


Now, after you've done this, you need to prioritize this list based upon the purpose that we had in the beginning. Remember I was talking to you about that purpose?

Whether it's to make more money, to get better hours, to have a better job, to get a better work schedule, or whatever. Or, maybe just to find a job! You need to organize this based upon which of these is most likely to produce that outcome.

So, maybe you have a family friend who is going to be your best prospect of finding a job.

You're going to want to organize this list. And if you're on the computer, this is really easy because you can just drag-and-drop these. But, you're going to want to organize this list based upon which is going to be the number one priority and so on and so forth around the mind map.

Take Action & Start Contacting

Now, as you go and contact these people I would say also after you organized it, also list on here how you going to contact them. So, let's say this is your best prospect, you're going to contact them in person tomorrow.

That's your plan now! You have an action step to actually work off of. You have the prospect in mind of where you might find a job. Then you're going to put on there how you're going to contact and follow up with that person.

As you contact these people, if something definitely does not produce employment, or does not have any chance of producing employment, go ahead and take it off the list and delete it.

That way you're not only keeping a list of active prospect, but you're keeping it organized which will help you get a job even quicker.

Good Luck in Your New Job

I have personally used this. I'll tell you I personally use that I generated about 20 different ideas when I did my my mind map to find new a job.

And it was amazing the ideas that came out! I actually ended up going back to work for previous employer. But it was amazing how many ideas I was able to just come up with in a matter of minutes with a mind map.

And I wanted to see how powerful it is! You can truly create several ideas and several prospects for finding a job when sometimes it seems a little bleak out there in the job search field. I hope this helps you.

I hope use these mind maps to help you get a job whether your in college or not, or a college student or not, use mind maps to you get a job and you'll be able to find one quicker.

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