The First Day of Class: Things you MUST Know!


Today I wanted to talk to you about what to do on the first day of class. Now, we've all been there. Everyone has those nervous feelings, the awkwardness of being there on the fist day is not always fun and there are always a lot of just anticipation as far as what to expect.

You don't know what to expect so you're kind of in that awkward part of the day. Everything is new. So hopefully these "to-do's", these first day of class to-do's, for the first day will help you to have a good start to the class and a good start to your semester

Number 1, pick a good seat. Now, the reason why I say this because you need to have a good seat. You need to be able to see the professor, everything they're doing, you need to be able to hear well, and you need to be able to ask questions if you can or need to. That's why you need to pick a good seat. Pick a good seat where you will be able to do those things without a problem

Number 2, show up early. Now there's a couple of reasons for this. Number one, I've already talked about- so you can pick a good seat.

But number two, show up early because you want to be there when the professor starts class and you want to be there to introduce yourself to whoever you sit next to. Or to find a friend, if you have friend in this class, go sit by them.

The reason to contact someone immediately in the class because that person will now become a go-to person in case you ever miss class or if you have a question about an assignment or if you need to form a study group. This person instantly becomes someone you can go to.

Now this is also going to be you for them. You will be their go to person, so you're going to have to exchange contact information if they are comfortable with that. E-mail or cell phone number, that way you can text message them.

You need to get some sort of contact information for this person just incase you miss class for one reason or another, you can just text them and they can say "Hey, this is what happened in class today." That way you can stay caught up on what's happening in the class.

Number 3, you need to get a syllabus. This is a no brainer. It usually happens in every class. I've never been in a class where I didn't get the syllabus the first day unless the teacher is still working on it.

That's usually the first thing they'll do is hand out the syllabus and go over it. Of course, sometimes they don't go over it. That's okay. These things that you need to do don't matter if they go over it or if they don't.

You need to find a few things on that syllabus.

#1, find the test dates and circle them or put a star next them, or highlight them. Whatever you need to do to remember that those are the test dates. Those are the days that are most important. Those are the days I need to be most ready. Those are test dates. Make sure you have them highlighted or noted somehow so you can remember.

#2, find the professors contact information and also you need to find out the best contact method. They might have their email address, their cell phone number and their office number on there.

Maybe the best way to contact is only by email if that is what they prefer. Maybe the best way is to come into their office during office hours. Make note of that. Make note of this is the best way to contact them. If you ever need, for any reason, to talk the professor, use that contact method. They're the one's who told you it, so use it.

That's the way you can get the best response from a professor if you have a question.

Lastly, you need to find out what to do next time. Again, the syllabus comes in. There way be an assignment schedule. Usually it's at the back. Usually it's done by the week or by due date. Find out if there is anything to do by next class period. That way, you know exactly what's expected of you for the next class. You are already current on what you need to do.

First Day of Class Summary

Just to review, your first day of class to do list is:

Number 1, pick a good seat.

Number 2, get there early so you can introduce yourself and find a friend.

Number 3, get the syllabus and

Number 4, find out what's due the next class period. I hope this helps you know what to do your first day of class and help you get a good, strong start to the class and to the semester.

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