Avoid the Freshmen 15 with 4 Unbeatable Ways


Today I wanted to talk to you about how to avoid the freshman 15. We've all been freshman. Either you've been a freshman or are a freshman, whether you gained 15 pounds that first semester or didn't is irrelevant because these are good tips for everyone.

However if you have gained those pounds and want to get rid of them or if you are a freshman, this is how you can avoid them.

4 Ways to Avoid the Freshmen 15

(1), this is going to sound very common sense, but it will help avoid gaining weight. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. I know, I know, novel idea, right?

It's easier said than done, because when you're bored or when you are tired or when you are just frustrated, sometimes you take it out by eating. Don't do that. Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are full.

Eat 3 meals a day or eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Take time to listen to your body. When you are full, just stop eating. Don't overeat. That is the cause of weight gain.

(2) Go to the gym with a friend. It has to be with a friend because this will make you more committed if you have committed to someone else that you are going to go, you're chances of actually getting there increase.

Pick a day or a time or a series of days and times that you are going to go with a friend to the gym. The gym is a free place so long as you have your student id.

Make sure that both of you bring your student ID, both of you now what time and what day you are going to go to the gym and then stick to it. You will not only feel better and have more energy because you are exercising, you will sleep better and be able to think more clearly.

So # 1, eat when you are hungry stop when you are full. # 2, go to the gym with a friend.

(3) for avoiding the freshman 15 is don't eat after 8 pm. This can cause weight gain. Just make sure that whenever you eat dinner, or that last meal of the day, whenever possible, do it before 8 pm.

(4)The last tip is to drink lots of water. The best way to do this is to carry a water bottle with you. That way you are always staying hydrated. Plus, you are able to think more clearly when you have good hydration.

So again, how to avoid the freshman 15 or get rid of the freshman 15: Number 1, eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full. Number 2, go to the gym with a friend, number 3, don't eat after 8 pm and number 4, drink lots of water.

I hope that this has helped you avoid the freshman 15 and if you have already gained it, I hope it helps you take it off.

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