How to Apply to College


Today I wanted to answer the questions "How to Apply to College." Or how do you apply to college.

So the first thing in my mind that you have to do in order to apply to college is you have to decide where you want to go. Do you want to go somewhere out of state, somewhere close to home, do you want to go to a specific school. Where do you want to go?

Another thing to consider is how much do you wan to pay? Or how much are you willing to pay in tuition to go to that school? Another thing to consider.

The last thing to consider is what do you want to major in. What specific program or field of study do you want to pursue. So after you've answered these questions you can decide which schools you would like to go to, which is the first step. Which schools you would like to apply to.

The next step in how to apply to college is actually contacting the admissions offices within those schools that you want to go and filling out the admissions application.

Now the best way to do this with the internet is going online, go to the schools website and find the admissions webpage and fill out the application there if they have it. The easiest way to find the admissions webpage is to go to your search engine, you favorite search engine and type in the school's name followed by the word admissions. So the school's name followed by the word admissions.

That should bring up results and it will almost always be the first result, maybe the second result. Look for a spot there that says admissions and click on it and it should take you directly to the admissions webpage.

Find on the webpage somewhere the admissions application or get started or fill out the application here, click on that and then you will have to follow the specific instructions to fill out the application. You might have to print it out and send it in. Sometimes you can submit it online.

Every school is going to be different so you are gong to have have to check what the specific school recommends or does. Something to keep in mind as you go through the admissions application is is as you go through if you see anything that says consider me for financial aid or consider me for freshman financial aid, check those boxes.

You have nothing to lose by checking those boxes and you might get some financial aid. It's happened to me!

Now those instructions I was talking about on the admissions application, they might instruct you to get your high school transcript, previous school transcripts. It might instructs you to write an essay about a particular question or topic.

It might instruct you to schedule an interview with an admissions counselor or something of the like. Follow those instructions. I'll include some tips below about writing an essay and also about how to do well in an interview. These can be helpful to you in that process.

Now the last step in how to apply to college, is after you have been accepted to some of those schools, so you've filled out the application and now you've been accepted, now all you have to do is choose which college is right for you.

I have another video that will help you understand those things. I'll include a link below. As soon as you choose the college you want to go to, you can continue pursing your career goals and achieve your dreams.

So again, how to apply to college:

First, decide where you wan to go.

Next, go to the admissions office and fill out the admissions application

Third, you have to complete any other instructions the admissions office gives you.

And fourth, you have to choose which college you are going to go to.

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