How to Mind Map By Hand

Transcript, w/ Sub-headings

Today I wanted to show you, by hand, how to Mind Map. That's why I have a white board today. I've turned it on it's side so you can actually see, this is how I mind map.

Now, this is exactly what you would do with a sheet of paper if you are gong to do your own mind map. You would turn it on it's side instead of having it straight up. This way you are free to work in any direction you want.

How to Mind Map For Outlining Books

So, lets say that you're going through one of your college textbooks and you need to create an outline for it, mind maps are a perfect way to do that. So, if you are going to draw that, you would start out with the title of the chapter.

The title of the chapter, the chapter number, title and then if you really want to get into it, I would even draw a picture . I am going to make that a little bit bigger. Okay, so, there we go.

Chapter, and title of the chapter and then if you really wanted to get into it, you could really draw just a picture down here or you could draw a picture representing what the chapter is going to be about. Just the main point of the chapter. Then, you can take another color and you can just draw the connecting lines (out here or connecting lines, sorry).

The connecting lines out here, and you can actually then go though and as you are studying the chapter, these are going to be your main headings as you go through the chapter. See how that works.

It makes it very simple to outline the chapter and get the most important points that you need for the entire chapter. So as you are going through this, start writing this down as you outline and as you read though the chapter. That way you can remember the most important points at a moments notice.

And also notice, I have written this so that they are all facing me. It's kind of, I have to write these on the outside of the lane so they are all facing me. This way I don't have to sit there and turn the page upside down to read it.

It's all facing me and I can see it at a moment's glance. Make sure that all these are facing you and not being written upside down. Just try and do your best.

After that, as you go through those headings and go through those sections, you can then make sub-points about each heading that are most important. And as you go around, you'll be able to see very clearly, at least from the author's perspective, what is most important in that chapter.

How to Mind Map in a Class or Meeting

And as you take this to class, you then have a natural outline to go off of. When you go to take notes in class, then it's just taking this and using it in class and then adding specific things where your teacher discusses more.

So lets's say that in this section up here of this chapter, you got all the sub-points, but your teacher decided to discuss this particular sub-point a lot. So, then you can go and in another color, so now you are involving colors, involving images, and your making the most important points obvious.

You now know what is most important in the chapter at a moment's glance. And because you've organized it in this way with Mind Maps and different colors, it's very easy to see.

Summary of How to Mind Map by Hand

I hope that this helps you understand a little bit more about mind mapping if you are new to it. It's kind of an abstract way to think, but once you use it, you'll never go back to regular note taking. Mind maps are such an easier way to take notes and to organize ideas and to get the things down in writing that you need to. I hope that this helps you and have a good day.

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