How to Pay for College with 5 Excellent Ways


Today I'm going to answer the question "How to Pay for College". And specifically I'm going to give you 5 ways that you can use to go to college and some of these ways are going to allow you to go to college and graduate debt free.

Lets get into it.

The 5 Ways for How to Pay for College

The first way to pay for college is to pay for it yourself.

Now this is going to require some discipline and it may require that you not go to like an Ivy League school. You go to something closer to home where you will be able to pay the in-state tuition instead of out of state. But it is do-able.

You'll definitely have to have a job and you definitely going to have to have some discipline and focus as you go to school but why are you going to school? You are gong to school to improve your life and improve the quality of life and improve your knowledge and improve yourself.

So keep that in mind that, yes, you'll have to work while you go to school and that you'll have to focus and discipline yourself so that you will work on homework when you need to so you can get it down when you need to. But if you pay for school as you go along, you will be able to graduate debt free!

How awesome would that be?

Number two is that you can get help from family.

This is a fantastic way to do it. Perhaps your family has a college fund already set aside for you or they have been saving for college for you. Perhaps there are extended family members who can help you and would be happy to help you pay for college.

Now you need to ask them. Maybe that's all it takes, is just ask, "Hey, I've decided to go to college and I just need some help from the family. Would you be willing to help me?" You never know. Something to consider.

The third way is to get student financial aid.

Now this is usually done through the FAFSA, however there are scholarships and other things that you can get that are not tied to federal aid. However, those scholarships might be merit based or they might be contingent upon another requirement. You will have to look into those and see specifically.

But if you do get federal aid, there are grants you can get, there are student loans you can get and there is also work study that you can get. Those are some ways you can also help pay for your college.

The fourth way is you can get help form an organization or a company.

Do you already have a job? Are you working? Have you look into your employee benefits recently. Maybe there is a benefit in there called tuition reimbursement. You might check.

This is something that companies more and more are offering today are doing this benefit because they see the benefit to the company. They see that if you go and educate yourself more you will end up being a better employee for them. And they will be able to make their money back time and time again because you are a better employee now.

There are also other organizations out there who will help you pay for college or give you the money to go to college as you donate of your time and means to serving for a particular cause. And you can search for those on the internet.

I'll include a couple of links below so you can look into those further if that interests you. They do require quite a bit of time commitment though, so keep that in mind. Every one will be different, but know what you are getting into before you get into it.

The final way to help you pay for college is though the military.

Now you are going to have to have service commitment, but they'll help you pay for college.

I even had a friend who did this with the military and they even helped him find a job while he was in school that was helping him get experience within the particular field he had chosen. That is a fantastic benefit. Now of course,

I'm not a military recruiter of any kind, so you are going to have to talk to military recruiters to get specific details on how they can help you.

So, in answer to the question, "How to pay for college" there are five ways.

1st, To pay for it yourself.

2nd To get help from your family.

3rd is getting financial aid.

4th is help from an organization or a company.

5th is through military service.

I hope this has given you a few ideas and a few ways that you can use to help pay for college and I wish you all the success that you are seeking in your education.

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