Effective Job Interview Advice: 5 Things You Can do Today


Today I wanted to give you some job interview advice.

Now, I have been on both sides of the job interview. I've been the one being interviewed several times, and I've also been in the position where I had to hire people and be the one doing the interview. So I feel like I have some qualifications in giving you this advice.

The 5 Job Interview Advice Tips

Now, Number one, this is most important and that's why it's number one. You have to be confident. Confidence is the most important.

So, dress for success. You've heard that term before, I'm sure. Sound confident when you introduce yourself and when you answer questions. This includes a good volume to your voice. Not yelling, but a confident voice and a confident look.

Think confidence in your mind. If you have to just get excited or take some time before to get enthusiastic about the interview, do it! Just talk yourself through it. I mean really, think about what you are thinking. It's powerful, powerful stuff.

Also another way to get confidence is to get practice. Practice with someone. Have them give you sample job interview questions and practice answering these. You will be more confident when you go to the interview.

Number two, as you get to the interview, give a good introduction.

Shake their hand, look them in the eye, give a good smile. Introduce yourself with a loud enough, confident voice that they will understand you the first time. Make sure that you have, again, that you are looking neat and make that first impression count. You only get one.

Number three, bring your resume.

Even if you handed in your resume, this interviewer is interviewing tons of people. There's chances that they are going to lose something. Bring your resume with you just in case. And if you want, bring it on a separate color of paper so it stands out, rather than just white.

I would also bring a list of references on a separate piece of paper just in case they ask for it or at the end of the interview you can give that to them as a extra piece of information that you are the right person for the job.

Number four is don't fear silence.

I think that silence is something that some people just get nervous around. I think it's just something in our society, but don't fear silence. If you get asked a question and you don't know the immediate answer to it, don't worry. Just take a second, think about and then give a good answer and answer honestly.

That's the worst thing you can do is answer dishonestly because if you get hired they are going to find out eventually. So don't do that.

Just take a second, don't stumble over your words and say um, uh, huh, err, just close your mouth, don't add those filler words, and answer honestly and you'll do fine.

Lastly, number five, control your breathing.

When you are out getting ready for the interview or waiting for the interview. Take a second, just close your eyes and think about your breathing. This is going to help calm your nerves it's going to get the jitters out of you and you are going to be able to interview with a clearer mind and with more confidence.

I remember at one interview I was really nervous for some reason and this guy could see I was nervous and he came up to me and asked "why are you so nervous?" And then he said try this he said, "think about your favorite vacation spot."

That's all he said but it worked wonders. I just immediately started to think about my favorite vacation spot which is New York City and funny enough, you would think that's a calming place, but it worked. I loved going there, I enjoyed the time when I was there and it was great! So think about your favorite vacation spot the next time you are nervous and think about the things you like about it and let it calm you.

I hope that this job interview advice helps you on your next job interview to get the job you want.

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