5 Networking Tips for Business Students

Building relationships is essential to any industry and even more so in business. Getting to know the right people who can help you in your career is key, which is why I have compiled five tips to help business students and post graduates in their quest for networking success.

• Keep up to date with new tactics. Utilizing social media is a great way to connect with potential employers or other professionals who hold business degrees around the world. Social media also opens the opportunity to become really creative with the way you connect with people and can potentially build relationships by sharing views and ideas. However I wouldn’t rule out the necessity of conventional modes of offline networking.

• Make your intentions clear. Once you have your foot in the door, and have made a connection with a potential employer, I would advise that you vocalize your intentions. I would avoid being too vague about your goals and discuss in detail what you intend to do. Knowing what you can do and being able to articulate it clearly and professionally is key when networking.

• Focus on your future goals and not past practices. Of course your studies are important but when networking avoid discussing the things you have done throughout your business degree and turn to what you have done off of your own back as well as future aspirations. Taking responsibility for your career is a sign of leadership, initiative and focus which are all desirable attributes to potential employers.

• Don’t be too relaxed in your response time. When your hard work and networking begins to pay off and a connection has organized a referral, don’t take too long to follow through. Not only are your actions a reflection on referee, but the last thing you want to do is miss an opportunity. Remember that there are a host of other students or post graduates with business degrees who would be more than happy to respond quickly and efficiently to a referral.

• Finally, be you. Remember that networking is all about being genuine. Expressing genuine interests and showcasing genuine skills and ideas. Of course you want industry professionals to meet the best side of you, but sincerity and interest are the easiest way to build relationships. Remember to be professional but listen and engage with others, expressing opinions, thoughts and aspirations to always put your best foot forward.

This is a Guest Post By Kia Mcsween from kbs.org.uk

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