Organization for College: 3 Simple Steps to Organize Your Homework

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Today, I wanted to talk to you about 3 simple steps you can take for keeping your homework organized.

First step to achieve homework organization for college- get some file folders

The first step is to get some file folders. I use manila file folders because they have a little tab at the top of them and I can easily and effectively organize with manila file folders. Plus, I just have these laying around. I had a few extra from something that I did previously and their just sitting there, so I would highly recommend you use whatever materials you have on hand to get yourself organized.

You don't need to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff. It's unnecessary. If you have old file folders, use them! Okay?

Second, Get a Binder or Notebook

After you have your filer folders, you are going to need a binder, or a notebook. Something to be able to keep the file folders in.

After you've labeled the ones for each class, you can organize them by class in the notebook or binder and you just keep one binder with you all the time. Keep it in your backpack. This way you keep everything together.

You keep all assignments together. You keep tests and quizzes together because sometimes your professors forget to record things. So when they ask, "Hey did you turn this in?" Boom, you pull out your binder, you flip open to the file folder that had your assignment in it and there it is. Very simple, very easy way to organize your assignments and to keep it all together.

Third, Get A Planner

The last thing that you need to do to keep yourself organized and your homework organized is to get a planner. This doesn't have to be something super detailed or extravagant. Just something simple.

Something that preferably has a daily or weekly calendar that has separate days on it. That way on the day of the class, if you have an assignment given in that class or coming up, you can write it down on that day of the class, then you just keep this in your backpack as well.

You go home, you do the assignment, and then after you've done the assignment, pull out your binder, put the assignment at the beginning of the file folder for that class, stick it in your back pack and you're done! You're all organized, ready for the next day, ready to hand that in at the beginning of class.

Summary For Homework Organization in College

Just a recap, the tree simple steps to keeping your homework organized are:

1. Get some file folders and label them according to your classes to keep your assignments in.

2. Have a binder to keep the file folders in.

3. Have a planner to write down assignments that need to be done.

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