Using Repetition To Learn and Remember More

by Matt

Something that I like about each college study skill above is that each makes you get lots of exposure to the material you are studying. You have repeated passes through material.

The reason this is so good is because this is really how we learn anything new. You must practice, so to speak. Having this repeated expsoure to material is very important.

As you expose your mind to the newer material, you become more and more familiar with it. As you become more familiar with it, the easier it will be to understand. Understanding breeds understanding and helps the material we are learning to actually stick. Thus, you remember more for longer periods of time.

For example, any professional musician will tell you that he or she has practiced for hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours to become a virtuoso with the instrument he or she plays. And, it is not just any practice. It is daily practice. Consistent, repeated, exposure to notes, chords, music theory, and the instrument.

Learning in college is no different! You must have lots of repeated exposure and use the material often in order to learn it and remember it.

Each college study skill listed above helps you get into the habit of repetition in your study. Using it daily is a powerful tool in order to understand what you're learning and remembering what you learn!

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Aug 31, 2015
nice NEW
by: harry

Good to see the skills of student who share there knowledge with each other, you can learn from each college different things , this site

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