4 Outstanding Ways to Earn Extra Money In College

In this video I wanted to cover a few ways that I have used to make a little bit of extra money as a college student. We all know the old adage "Poor college student" hold true.

Especially at the end of the month, when you are trying to cover those last few expenses, you are trying to cover tuition, cover your rent, all those things build up together and it's a little tight So these are a few things I have used to get a little extra money and I hope they will help you as well.

First, is getting a part time job. I know what you are thinking, " I don't have time for a part-time job". That's okay, If you don't have time, you don't have time. School is most important.

But if you do have time, a part time job is really good depending on where you are working. Especially as you go through the interview process, make sure you ask "Will you work with my school schedule? I am a college student, these are my classes, can you work with that?"

If they way no, then you can just leave the interview right there. Make sure that they will work with your schedule. Otherwise it's not worth it because you will get behind in your studies, your grades will suffer, and it's not going to work very well.

So if you get a part time job, make sure it works with your school schedule and that you will be able to handle your school schedule and your work schedule.

The second place is to start a website or blog. If you have an area of expertise that you are really knowledgeable about and others will want that knowledge or if you have a hobby that you have been involved in for a number of time, chances are, someone is looking for it on the internet. If you can just use that knowledge to create webpages or a website, you can bring in some money. There is more to it than that.

You need to have an in-demand niche and knowledge of that niche, then you can make money through advertising and other means. There is not just one way to do this, but you do need to know what you are doing.

I use a company called Solo Build It. They have been a fantastic resource in learning these things. I'll leave a link to them below in the description area, so you can check them out yourself. They are a fantastic resource if have ever thought about starting your own website or a blog.

The third way to make some extra money is to sell your old stuff on eBay, craig's list, or classified ad. This is a great way to earn a little bit of extra cash.

I play guitar, I had some equipment that I wasn't using and a guitar I wasn't using. Within a matter of weeks, I was able to sell all of this for a pretty good chunk of money. A few extra hundred dollars was nice to have. I played guitar a lot when I was younger, now that I am a little older, my priorities have shifted and I don't play as much.

So I was able to use stuff I don't use anymore and get a few hundred dollars that really helped out. Go home, find some things that you don't use a lot of the time, but will still be of value to other people, take out a classified ad or Craig's list and sell them.

The last way is to work online. There are a few ways to do this. There is one called Mechanical Turk through Amazon. What people do is place odd jobs and task that they need done on Mechanical Turk and they pay a small fee on it.

Now you aren't going to get rich on Mechanical Turk. Go on there and find something on there that you like, can do well, and can do a lot of, it will provide some extra spending cash and help you get by on those really tight months. I'll leave a link to that as well.

Another way to work online, if you have a special skill like web or graphic design or are really good with photoshop, things like that, you can go to places like fiverr.com or a freelance website and advertise your skills for a certain amount.

You can go post on there and someone will buy those from you if you are good at it. Those are just a couple of idea.

To review, a few extra ways to make cash for college is one, get a part time job, two start a website or blog, three, sell your old stuff, and four, work online. I hope that you will be able to benefit from one of these ideas and create a little bit of extra cash for yourself.

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