What Is A College Degree?


Today I wanted to answer the question, "What is a College Degree?"

So first, a college degree is an award or certification you receive from a college or university for completing a certain set of requirements. Now these requirements are usually like, first you've chosen a major, completed the specific classes within that major, gotten specific grades which demonstrate your level of understanding.

And so after you've completed those specific requirements, the college awards you that certification, that college degree saying, we certify that this person has a certain level of understanding, this level of understanding within this field of study, okay?

So what are some types of college degrees? Well, there are a few, there's the associates degree, there is the bachelors degree, masters, and a doctorate. There are also other certifications and things you can get through colleges.

Now each of these has a specific set of requirements and specific lengths of school usually that you have to complete. So you have to look into each of those and based upon your needs, based upon your goals, you can decide what degree type is best for you.

So again, in answer to the question, "What is a college degree?", it's the end goal, Okay? That's what you are going to college for- to get your degree. Because that degree shows that you have a certain level of qualification and understanding within a specific field of study which then allows you to go and add value to society. Okay?

It opens up opportunities to you. Jobs, and experiences. Of course this depends on what you decide to major in, so choosing your major is very important and the first part of this process to getting a degree. Choosing the right college degree will help you not only achieve your career goals but also help you have success in life and happiness as well.

So a college degree, a qualification or certification that you have a certain level of understanding within a specific field of study.

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