What is a Major in College?


Today I wanted to answer the question: What is a major in college?

Well, in short, a major is a focus of study. It is a course of study that you are going to be going through in order to get a college degree.

So, this might be like an English Major or a Chemistry Major or a Business Major or a Music Major. You are going to take classes within those specific fields of study to eventually get the end goal, which is a college degree. Now you use these skills for a specific purpose and that's to work in the job field but a major is a focus of study.

So, lets talk about those skills that you learn, that knowledge that you acquire. You use those things that you learn within your career- within the job market. And it will help you add value to a company you work for, or to a cause that you are supporting to, or to society in general.

Now, the thing that you need to consider is specific majors are more valuable to society and to companies, so as you choose your major, keep that in mind:

-is this major needed today and

-are people seeking out students with this kind of knowledge.

In order to complete the major, you have to meet a specific set of requirements. These requirements are like:

  1. specific courses you have to complete,
  2. specific grades you have to get within those courses, and
  3. specific things within the major itself, such as a specific project, or paper, or dissertation or something that you have to complete within the major to get your college degree.

Every major is different so you're going to have to check with an advisor within that major or within that field of study to get the specifics. But I wanted to just give you a brief overview of what a major in college is.

So again, in answering the question: What is a major in college? It's a focus of study that helps you eventually obtain a specific set of skills or specific level of understanding to then add value to society and to places that you might work within your career.

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